About Our Program

    The Atkinson Graduate School of Management was established at Willamette University to offer an innovative approach to the study of management, combining the principles of business administration, public administration, and not-for-profit management. This is accomplished through a curriculum designed to provide experiences that compel students to integrate and apply what they learn.

    Experiential and consquential learning have been central to Atkinson‚Äôs curriculum for more than twenty years. In the last decade, however, the Atkinson School has augmented experiential learning with efforts we call consequential learning. In consequential learning, students are compelled to apply what they learn and experience the consequences of decisions they make.

    In 2016, Willamette University MBA established a partnership with Mountain West Investment Corporation to introduce a unique concept in the not-for-profit sector: the Willamette MBA Community Grant Program. The aim of this new consequential learning program is to cultivate leadership in the not-for-profit sector and create a significant community impact in society. To that end, MBA students are given a $150,000 annual fund to invest in not-for-profits located in the greater Salem area, and throughout Marion, Polk, and Yamhill counties.

Cohort 2018-2019 Mission and Vision

    Our Mission:
To build and empower leaders in the nonprofit sector by supporting initiatives, efforts, and programming that will leave a lasting impact on the community.

    Our Vision:
A thriving and resilient constellation of local nonprofits that is better positioned to improve the well-being of its community.

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Cohort of 2018-2019 from left to right. (Andrew Galen, Madeline Atmore, Bryan Martz, Tynan Gable, Colin Rice, Sara Goetze, Jared Spohr, Nicole Thibodeau, Ryan Tokeshi, Ikaika Hall) texttext

Cohort of 2017-2018 from left to right. (Alexander Hassen, Aleksey Schimberg, Shanbo Zhang, Milos Milovanovic, Meghan Magee, Daegan Hosler, Fangming Wu, Whitney Pitalo, Nicole Thibodeau, Ron Hays)

Cohort of 2016-2017 from left to right. (Kevin Liebson, Ron Hays, Nourhan El-Nagdy, Zachariah Lea, Andrew Galen, Nicole Thibodeau, Daniel Rehm)

   Grant Administration Course Advisory Board 2019


Kim Hanson
Lauren Johnson
Roberto Franco
Kristen Retherford
Julia Willis
Alex Schimberg
Ron Hays
Shelby Radcliff
Andrew GalenNicole Thibodeau
Mike Hand