About Our Program

    The Atkinson Graduate School of Management was established at Willamette University to offer an innovative approach to the study of management, combining the principles of business administration, public administration, and not-for-profit management. This is accomplished through a curriculum designed to provide experiences that compel students to integrate and apply what they learn.

    Experiential learning has been central to Atkinson’s curriculum for more than twenty years. In the last decade, however, the Atkinson School has augmented experiential learning with efforts we call consequential learning. In consequential learning, students are compelled to apply what they learn and experience the consequences of decisions they make.

    Two examples that illustrate the differences in experiential vs. consequential learning are the WU Angel Investment Fund and O’Neill Student Investment Fund. Now, Willamette University has joined with the Mountain West Investment Corporation to create a $150,000 fund focused on granting money to not-for-profits looking to make an impact in the local three counties (Marion, Polk, and Yamhill).

    Our Mission:
    Support initiatives that strengthen and empower communities by applying our resources to the most pressing issues.

    Our Vision:
    To increase opportunities for not-for-profits working collaboratively to maximize impact to create a thriving, innovative, and empowered community.